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For Xmas 09, we travelled once again to Florida to visit with my folks and brother and give grandparents time with granddaughter. Very relaxed holiday with plenty of beach time, and even a chance for us to leave E with my folks for a couple of nights while we wandered down to Captiva. Marvellous.

Dorset was the destination of our last weekend away. We spent a lovely weekend at Knaveswell farm (Feather Down Farms) Biking up along on the downs (quite a climb with a toddler in the child seat!) and a day out on the beach were among the events.

Some new photos are up at Flickr

Here is a slideshow if you like that kind of thing. Make sure to click the fullscreen button on the bottom right if you’d like a bigger image.

There are a few photos from our summer up at Flickr. Here is a sample:

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Slideshow here.

So the words are coming thick & fast now. Here are a few choice ones..

“Meh” — Milk
“Jusse” — Juice
“Musse” — Basically, milk, but preferably juice. Anything but water.
“Side” — Outside. She doesn’t know inside yet, so doesn’t really need the distinction.
“Sassomo” — Samosa (no, really!)
“Booberrs” – blueberries
“Ouzo” – Our cat’s name. Also used for every other cat.

So, my wife decided that she was going to start biking to work and bought a bike (or two). This resulted in me being the unexpected beneficiary of a fun weekend cycling the Regent’s Canal with the little one. Ella & I went out Saturday morning, when the canal path was quiet. We made it as far as Limehouse, where the canal ends and kind of meets up with Thames. We then whizzed back and stopped in Broadway Market for some lunchtime samosas.

The next day all three of us went out for an even longer ride, going past Limehouse onto the Thames Path as far as we could go. There is definitely a futher route there that would take us in Canary Wharf and beyond — perhaps next weekend. The canal path was a lot busier on the nicest afternoon London has seen for a bit, quite slow going in some places.

Anyhow, a photo from the first trip. Note the extra yellow passenger.

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