Laying down some digital inheritance.

Here is the scene. It’s Thursday evening. We are expecting a nice quiet night, with Ella asleep early, as she only slept for a bit during the day — surely once we get her to sleep all will be fine? Hah. Her new trick is to somehow sense when we leave the flat; she immediately [...]

No, the title of this post doesn’t refer to bath or bedtime rituals. Instead, after a nice evening out (our first one!) at Cargo with some friends (more on that later) Ella and I decided this morning to give T a bit of a lie-in and we scuppered off to find a spot where in Hoxton [...]

Dear Ella, I read somewhere that if parents knew how much trouble their children would be in the early weeks compared to the first couple of days in the hospital, they would never bring these children home. In this, you are spookily on target. Here are some of the varied ways in which we have attempted [...]

So, I’ve been holding back kicking this off until I felt I could sustain some momentum. After two weeks, I feel I can do that…just. So why this blog? About 6 weeks ago, I realized that there would be no way to relate all the stories (read: minutiae) of our new child’s life to our [...]