Laying down some digital inheritance.

Here are some things we have done in the last couple of weeks, in brief form as I am once again doing this a little later on a Sunday night than I would like. * Took Ella to her first BBQ at James and Sam’s. Verdict: the BBQ was delicious. I ate my lamb quota [...]

Its back to work for me tomorrow. Ouch. The month has both flown by yet also seems quite timeless. Going to the hospital back on July 5th (Ella is now a month old!) for the inducing seems like a different life. I’m very glad I took the extra time away  – I hope it pays [...]

Very busy trying to enjoy the last week before I (gasp!) go back to work next week. Not particulary looking forward to that dose of cold reality. We’ve been out and about quite a bit already this week; Borough Market on Tuesday for chorizo sandwiches, off to T’s office today for Ella to meet T’s co-workers. [...]