Laying down some digital inheritance.

Our flat’s effects have been sorely in need of some pruning, no longer can we simply hang onto things that we previously enjoyed/found use for or that we hope to again. Everything needs to be seen through a filter of “does this deserve a home at our home?” Last summer,as I was putting together our nursery, [...]

 …thanks to our little one and our efforts to get her back to a routine. Sure would be helpful if there was some sun! I like grey for many things (like this blog’s template) but mornings isn’t one of them. Thannk the appropriate universal forces for coffee. I splurged on some stuff from Monmouth Coffee [...]

Feel free to pick the term in the title that fits your particular January. I keep oscillating between the two. Our return from sunny Florida for Xmas to the UK has been rather less sunny. I can take a little cold, but the grey and the rain has been particularly hard this year. At least the [...]