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We joined some friends in an excursion to Norfolk for the Easter Break. We had a wonderful weekend of walking about, hanging around and eating. And drinking. And ping pong. There are some photos at Flickr

Here’s a sample:

Finally, a walk that I actually wanted to do, rather than just for the sake of getting Ella to nap. Although she did that too. I had never walked past Broadway Market along Regent’s Canal before today. Quite interesting down there, once you get past Victoria Park. Will have to do it again with the camera. We ended up in London Fields at the end of the day, sharing samosas from the market. Nice.

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After yet another ‘Failure to Nap’ at home, I took Ella out for a wander for her to sleep, me to get some air, and Tamara to get a chance to get some much needed work done. Luckily, the day was a lot nicer than last time.

What I would like to know is how Ella, while asleep, can tell the difference between stopping for a long light (where she doesn’t rouse) to pausing for to think about fulfilling some need of mine (food, coffee, not walking). The latter has her squirming and making pre-wail noises, forcing me to abandon the idea of meeting said need and trudging onwards.

So on this walk, she feel asleep almost immediately, and woke up again in Leicester Square. In Russell Square, I tried to pause and address need #3 mentioned above, but that pause did not last long. She woke up around Leicester Square and wanted to be out of the stroller, so our speed dropped a lot at that point. We grabbed a bus at the Royal Courts and were home in time for dinner. Hers, not mine. 

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Long Walk

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Took the little one on what turned out to be a very long walk. And I forgot my gloves. She slept the entire walk. Those are definitely my napping genes at work.

Google Map Pedometer_ Use This GMaps Pedometer to Draw Your Walking, Running, or Biking Route-1.jpg

Full route here.

Hmm, long time since the last update. I’ll have to review all the milestones not reported at some point. Perhaps in video form. In any event, Ella uttered her first words last weekend. We had heard one-off utterances, things like “Nana” for banana, variations on “dada” & “mama” applied liberally to either of us but these were the first string of words put together. T had made some pancakes (with vegetables in them, perhaps it was more of a blini? Or a blintz? Feel free to provide guidance here.) and Ella really didn’t want to go into her chair to eat them. There was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing and then the proclamation of “No pancakes!” was made and Tamara & I just looked agog at each other, asking if the other had heard those words strung together.

Needless to say, we didn’t make her eat the pancakes.

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